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Sl no. Name Designation Work Experience Designation in Present Occupation
01 kanhu Ch. Dash Chairman 20 years                Chairman,BIMS
02 Bipin Bihari Mohanty          Member 23years                Member , BIMS
03 Bankim Mohanty Member 16 years                Member , BIMS
04 Seema Das Member 19 years                Member , BIMS
05 Rudrani P Mohapatra Member 20 years                Member , BIMS
Members of Academic Advisory Body:

Prof Dr Mahajiteswar Das
Retd Prof (English) Utkal University

Prof Dr Mrs Santi Das
Retd Principal, SB Women’s College, Cuttack

Dr SK Tamotia
CMD(Retd) NALCO Prof

Dr Brajaraj Mohanty
Professor XIMB , Bhubaneswar

Dr Mrs Latha Ravindran
Professor (Eco) XIMB, Bhubaneswar

Frequency of the Board Meetings and Academic advisory Body:

Sl no. Meetings Category Frequency Timing & Date Schedule
01 Board Meeting Once in every month Last Saturday of Every               
02 Academic Advisory Body         Once in every month Once in every quarter              

Nature and Extent of involvement of faculty and students in academic affairs/improvements:

Nature of involvement Involvements from faculty side Involvement from student side
1. Class room interaction
2. Case study analysis
3. Group Discussion
4. Assignment
5.30% Home study and participation in a interactive session for the same uncovered chapters later on
6. Smooth conductance of internal tests
Faculties are assigned to conduct different academic activities as per academic curriculum, as prescribed by the university and nonacademic curriculum as fixed by the institute, time to time.

Students participate in-group in various academic activities coordinated by different faculty member.

1. Personality development programmes
2.Communication skill development programme, (conducted by the outside training organizations.)  
3. Class Room Seminar
4. Proctorial System- for close Introspection of the students with faculties
5. Social Awareness Campaign
6. Creative activities      
Faculties are usually involving themselves in planning and execution of various non-academic or co-curricular activities, which improves the overall personality of the students of the institute
These programmes are planned as per the suggestions received from students representatives as well as our board of advisors. Students participate in such programmes in group wise to improve themselves to achieve a holistic growth as a future leader.            

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