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Number of faculty members : MBA
Permanent Faculty: 08
Visiting Facilty : 04
Adjunct Faculty: 02
Guest Faculty : 01
Profile of each faculty with qualifications, total experience, age and duration of employment at the institute concerned:


S.No. 01 02 03 04
Name(s) of the Teaching Faculty Mr Avimanyu Nayak Mr Bhimasen Nayak Mr Sandeep Chaterjee Mr Chhabindra Basantia
Designation (Lecturer/ Asst. Professor/ Professor) Professor Asst Professor Lecturer Lecturer
Qualifications with field of specialization with class /division of passing UG        
Doctorate FICWA MBA PGDM MPhil
Date of Birth 5th Aug 1962 16th Jan 1965 10th July 1985 7th May 1975
a) Teaching
b) Industry
c) Research
A 6 3    
B 22 13 1 7
Date of Joining the Institution 01.06.2009 01.06.2009 01.07.2009 01.07.2009
Gross total salary as on date with scale & Basic pay        
PAN Number        
P.F. A/c No.        

Total Profile of Director/Principal with qualifications, total experience, age and duration of employment at the institute concerned.
Name : Dr Manoranjan Satapathy
Date of Birth : 04.021953
Academic qualifications (with field of specialization) : MBA, PhD (HR)
Details of Experience (Academic / Industrial) :

Nature of Work Name of work Organisation Duration
Industry Banking 22 Years
Academics Faculty 15 Years
Research Guide 2 Years

Date of the appointment in present institution : 29.07.2009
Whether student assessment of faculty is in force: Yes
Details of fee, as approved by State Fee Committee : Rs. 80,000/- p.a
Time schedule for payment of fee for the entire programme :  Yearly & Installment basis.
Fee waivers granted with amount and name of students : No
Number of scholarships offered by the institute with the name of students, duration and amount : No
Criteria for fee waivers/scholarships? : Not Required.
Estimated cost of boarding and Lodging in Hostels : Rs. 2200/- per month
1 2 3 4
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